The typical ad. Busy, boring and butt ugly. The consumer throws it away or simply ignores it. If this is your idea of advertising, please go to Kinko's or SirSpeedy.
Typical tanning ad. Yawn.
Looks like every other promotion.
Butt ugly postcard. Get help, please!

Cool ads

Alias, is a NY ad agency that specializes in small hip clients that think BIG.

Our staff are all ex-BIG agency creatives that have worked on major brands known for being hip and breakthrough, like Crunch Fitness, Volkswagen, Planet Tan, Rockstar Energy Drink, ESPN, Stella Artois and Nike.

But BIG national ad campaigns cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to create. Alias brings BIG creative ideas to small clients with modest budgets.

Instead of paying us a huge sum to create a brand new ad from scratch, you choose ads from our Library and we'll customize them for you. You pay a modest licensing fee (about the cost of a typical stock photo). Our printing costs are market competitive.

Think of it as leasing and Ad rather than buying it. It's a unique concept in advertising and Alias is the first to offer it.

Our ads aren't for everybody. Some are provocative, unusual and some may even find them offensive. Good. The worst thing advertising can be is safe. Safe is ignorable. And the biggest waste of money is advertising that people ignore or forget.

Successful brands in highly competitive markets succeed because they standing out from the clutter. The smartest, fast-growing companies know this instinctively.

So instead of going to your local printer or copy store and getting an ad that looks just like the same crap as your competitor, think BIGGER. Think Alias.

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